three women sat in a lecture hall

European Association of Archaeologists Conference 2023

From the 29th August – 3rd September 2023, REVERSEACTION presented in three sessions at the EAA 2023 conference in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Agnese Benzonelli gave a summary of her ongoing investigations into Muisca goldwork at Nueva Esperanza, in Session 437, ‘Current Research in the Americas’. In Session 150, ‘The Archaeology of Luxury: Craftsmenship, Consumption, and Desirability in Archaeological Perspective’, Marcos Martinón-Torres introduced the REVERSEACTION project and its aims to grapple with the concepts of shared luxury, collective action, and complex technologies in stateless societies. Finally, Anne Kwaspen gave two mini-talks on her textile research within the REVERSEACTION project and co-hosted a workshop on the archaeology, museology and conservation of textiles, during Session 44, ‘Textiles in Archaeology, Conservation and Museology: Finding a Way Forward Through Collaboration’.