REVERSEACTION in the labs!

REVERSEACTION is back in the lab!

Kate has been busily investigating the nature of surface decoration on a series of ceramic fragments from Colombia. Using a renishaw raman inVia Raman microscope, she has been able to look at the nature of the red, brown, and black decoration on ceramics excavated from the Nariño region. This data will compliment the compositional information on these pigments that REVERSEACTION team members collected while visiting collections in Colombia this summer. 


Last month, Agnese was over at the LA-ICP-MS, to analyse gold-alloy beads from Nueva Esperanza, Colombia. She hopes to learn more about the provenance of raw materials used there.


Anne has been using 3D microscopy and SEM to analyse red fibres on textiles from the Museo del Oro.


And Rosie and Kate have also been working together on 3D geometric morphometric (gmm) and pXRF analysis of ceramic vessels from the Nariño region of Colombia. From the 3D GMM, using Artec 3D structured light scans, they are hoping to assess intra and inter site morphological variation in vessels. The pXRF analyses will help to identify the types of pigments used for surface decoration.